Turning passion into profits


Turning passion into profits

Vitality is a Business Accelerator passionately focused on building successful businesses. Working with companies with different sizes and scales, Vitality creates customized programs that help its clients achieve their fullest potential and maximum business success. Understanding that women do business differently, one of their key focuses is to support female-led businesses.

Chosen to work on the branding identity of Vitality, ZERO11 took off from the idea of combining the advisory and knowledgeable aspect of the company with its friendly and collaborative approach. The result was a visual identity that inspired trust without being too rigid, using a sober yet friendly palette of colors, a simple yet elegant logo, and a straightforward layout distinguished by a typographic pairing.

The classic gold foil finish used across the warm, uncoated emerald green of the business card gives a feel of craft that is consolidated with a nice high quality flourish, exuding a sense of contemporary simplicity. The same feel is applied on the high-quality material and textures of the corporate brochure and collateral, setting the tone for a familiar yet luxurious identity.



From the land of the coconut in Ben Tre, Vietnam

Returning to the roots, our team understood that coconut trees had a special place in the culture of Vietnamese as well as the country’s economic development process.



Authentic French rosisserie

When a new organic chicken brand flies all the way from France to Dubai to dazzle the gourmet palates, it definitely deserves a warm welcome.



German engineering, ZERO11 development

Volkswagen is a brand renowned for its excellence and distinction in the Middle East, and one ZERO11 was chosen to collaborate with.



Navigating the future

Combining the leadership, values, innovation, and expansion strategy of the company, it was agreed to establish the branding direction on the idea and tagline of “Navigating the Future”.