Branding is a specific blend of design and business strategy. A successful brand is generated by conceptualizing a business idea which uses design to articulate it visually.

ZERO11 - Business and Brand Consulting

We like to call ourselves strategic designers. By combining our business strategy skills with our design talent, we are the specialists you need to build your brand’s success.

Our team of experts has been helping companies from all over the world and across industries to build and position their identity through creative branding and strong communication.

By understanding the dynamics and needs of your brand, we set and implement the strategy that will bring you added value, speak to your audience, and help your business thrive in the best possible way.


The extend network of associates from up-and-coming talents to already established individuals including strategists, copywriters, developers, designers, project managers, 3D artists, architects, interior designers, moviemakers and photographers It enables us to handle large scale projects that cover several disciplines. We bring the best people for the specific project.



We mainly work hard to make our clients happy. Spanning over many industry sectors, ZERO11 customers benefit from a wide variety of services, from concept development to design, brand strategy and communication, contributing to the building and success of their brands.

Strategic positioning

Before going anywhere with your brand, you have to know how to position it. This can only happen by understanding your target audience, your objectives, and how you want your customers to relate and engage with your brand. We help you do that and a lot more to define your positioning strategy and optimize the awareness and added value of your product or service.

Brand building

It’s much more than a nice-looking logo or a cool ad. Building a brand is defining its personality, its purpose, and its promise. It’s a long and holistic process that distinguishes your product or service in the market and creates the overall experience and perception people have when they hear or interact with your brand.

Visual identity

Building a brand is never complete without a visual identity. Visuals include every tool you rely on to communicate your brand. From logo design to color palette, images, and fonts, we help you build the visual identity that will connect with your customers and help your business succeed.

Digital and animation

Let’s face it, it’s a digital era. If your business is not digital-friendly, you practically do not exist. Let us help you build a strong online presence for your brand by creating your website, animations, and digital platforms that will reinforce your branding strategy.

Advertising campaigns

Whether online or offline, advertising campaigns are the best way to increase the visibility of your brand. By understanding your target audience and your customers’ needs, we help you determine the most suitable advertising platform for your brand and produce spot-on campaigns that maximize engagement with your clients and brand communication impact.

Content development

How you are online is the image you want your business to portray. Your content is the voice of your company and the most essential component in defining and distinguishing your brand. Our strategic approach will help you reach your target audience in the language that engages them the most, using the right media that will ensure the successful marketing of your brand.

Luxury branding

We are aware that luxury products need a special treatment. From research to positioning and brand experience, every aspect of the branding and communication strategy has to be tackled with the aim of creating the highest brand value. Our expertise with luxury brands will guarantee the unique and incomparable identity of your brand.

Brochures and sales materials (print and digital)

When creating your brand collateral, you have to put quality first. Brochures and marketing materials are the first contact customers will have with your brand and you want to make that first impression right. ZERO11 team will design and produce sales-support material that reflects your company’s image in the most professional way through creative design, outstanding visuals, engaging content, premium paper finishes, and unique embossing techniques.


From logos and visual identities, to packaging, point-of-sale and work environments, ZERO11 has an impressive track-record of creating award-winning, distinctive designs across a wide variety of media that marry form and function perfectly.


Packaging is one of the most powerful sales tools. It can differentiate your brand from its competitors by its design elements, its font, color, and logo, to captivate your customers and incite them to buy your product. Our brand packaging experience spanning over years and covering a wide spectrum of brands will make your product conquer the shelf.


/ Olivera Djordjevic - CEO

Multitasking Jedi Master

Philosophy lover, world traveler and mother of two.

She work across a wide range of jobs, helping to push creativity and challenge the work internally. She worked across a number of industries – in investments, finance, recruitment and strongly believe that work should be fun.

It is vital that our international work is significant in its impact and smooth-running from our clients’ point of view, so unity across hubs is our day to day goal. We must also make sure that we’re taking great leaps forward together, as one whole.

/ Zoran Radjen - Creative Director

Communications Guru

Father of three kids and countless brands.
Spicy food lover - the hotter the better.
World traveler, nature lover. Don‘t listen to his poems.

Zoran began his professional career as a journalist and later as Editor in Chief for a Monthly magazine and then moved to a 20 year long career in Advertising. Never lost connection to media - worked for Washington Post as Correspondent, and for TV stations mainly as Creative Director and Writer.

His interest over the years has shifted to Art and Creativity in Advertising. He worked at most of the positions this field requires - as a Designer, Design Studio Director, Art Director, Copywriter and eventually as Creative Director.

/ Nebojsa Simic - Design Director

Design Dreamer

Free diving champion and instructor. Passionate Chef. Star Wars fan. In charge of office music and plant watering.

Nebojsa started his career as computer seller. Unsatisfied, he left everything to enroll in the University of Applied Arts and graduate as one of the best in class. With a BA in Graphic Design, he started working since 2005 in design and branding agencies, where he learned how to make logos bigger.

In 2010, he moved to UAE for a Senior Designer position at TBWA where he worked in a big team and for international clients, perfecting his skills. His work was published in more than 150 countries around the world and his biggest achievement was in 2014 when his work was featured in LogoLounge 9 book.