Breathe in the benefits


Breathe in the benefits

Launched in 2016 for the first time in Dubai, the FDA approved Hyperbaric oxygen therapy by O2 Life is an alternative treatment with many medical, physiological, wellness, and aesthetic benefits. Using mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers manufactured in Australia, the therapy works on saturating the body’s fluids, tissues and cells with concentrated oxygen under pressure. Thanks to its non-invasive solution that reverses the effects of tissue degeneration, helps eliminate environmental toxins, and increase stamina and endurance through the oxygen that accesses areas that are difficult to reach, the treatment is gaining high popularity worldwide.

For its launch campaign in the UAE, the new oxygen therapy concept needed a branding strategy and identity that could accurately communicate the importance and impact of the product. Commissioned to handle the job from scratch, ZERO11 created a professional yet friendly identity that introduced medical information through a visually-appealing layout. Using the green and blue water-inspired colors, a refreshing logo, and a clean and neat imagery, an easily accessible corporate identity was created to escort the success of this breakthrough treatment.



Wood roasted chicken

Clucker’s delivers a warm culinary experience where taste buds indulge in an explosion of wood-smoked flavors.



Who said annual reports had to be dry and boring

Going back to the source, we drew our inspiration from Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine to complete the design.



Turning passion into profits

Understanding that women do business differently, one of their key focuses is to support female-led businesses.



A fusion of traditions and cultures

An emblem of Dubai’s nightlife and culinary scene, Dusty’s is a dawn-to-dusk concept based on a fusion of traditions and cultures so passionately injected in every aspect of the restaurant.