Wood roasted chicken


Wood roasted chicken

Have you ever imagined what chicken roasted on wood and open flames would taste like? Now is your chance to experience it at the new Clucker’s concept in Dubai. Founded and run by the restaurant’s passionate chef himself, Clucker’s delivers a warm culinary experience where taste buds indulge in an explosion of wood-smoked flavors. Quality, consistency, and passion have proven to be the ingredients that have made Clucker’s a success story in no time and a revolutionary chicken concept!

Zero11’s expertise in the F&B industry was one of the reasons Clucker’s chose our team to lead their branding strategy. Presented with the challenge of communicating the true spirit and uniqueness of the concept, we thoroughly examined every aspect and detail that would help us elaborate a spot-on identity.

Taking in consideration the feel and main elements of the restaurant, we created an identity that was unique to the concept, from logo to font, illustration, colors, and layout. Imagination was our tool and sky was the limit in creating an identity that was bold and literally “on fire”. Using warm colors like orange, red, and brown, daring fonts, flexible patterns, a separate logotype and symbol, and high-quality packaging featuring dyed uncoated boards and tissue paper, we managed to shape an identity that resembled no other and played a big role in differentiating the concept.



Authentic French rosisserie

When a new organic chicken brand flies all the way from France to Dubai to dazzle the gourmet palates, it definitely deserves a warm welcome.



Casual Thursdays

Thursday nights are definitely made to unwind after a busy week and enjoy a bite and drinks with friends in a pleasant ambiance.



Navigating the future

Combining the leadership, values, innovation, and expansion strategy of the company, it was agreed to establish the branding direction on the idea and tagline of “Navigating the Future”.



Only the best berries

Famed for being the best in the world, these carefully-selected Serbian berries needed to be introduced to the market in a packaging that fairly related their quality and story.